Bad luck – that could not be the end of my story. I needed more.

Empty Crib and the Pain Infertility

This blog post was written by Julie Richardson Paige, a member of the RESOLVE New England Board of Directors. They say one out of every 10 couples struggle with infertility. They also say one out of every 4 woman will suffer a pregnancy loss. Just my luck, i was dealt the hand of both. Really? […]

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18 Tips for Coping with Infertility During the Holidays

christmas decoration

By Carol Frost Vercollone, LICSW  (Orginally posted 12/19/12) Anticipating Your Issues If fertility treatment is getting to you and you’re feeling frustrated with its uncomfortably large effect on your daily life, you may hate to see an article on coping with the holidays. Why should you be reduced to “coping” when everybody else seems to be […]

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RNE has strengthened my resolve: a volunteer’s story

Peer Led Support Groups at RESOLVE New England

“You are an excellent candidate for ivf.”  “You have Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome, I’m sorry, but we have to freeze all of your embryos.” “Your embryos are of excellent quality!” “You’re pregnant!” “I’m sorry, your levels have dropped.” “I’m sorry, there’s no longer a pregnancy.” “You’ve been approved for adoption!” “It will be several years […]

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RESOLVE New England names Kate Weldon LeBlanc as Executive Director


Waltham, MA – December 3, 2014 —  RESOLVE New England (RNE), the region’s infertility support, education and advocacy organization, is pleased to announce today that it has named Kate Weldon LeBlanc as its Executive Director. She will assume her new role at RNE commencing in January 2015. “We are delighted to announce this appointment,” said […]

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LGBTQ Routes to Parenthood

LGBT family building

“So, which of you is the real Mom?” This is the kind of question, amongst many others, that LGBTQ families hear when they are out and about with their children, which thankfully is happening in growing numbers, even though the sensitivity of questions has yet to catch up. According to the 2010 census, 111,000 same […]

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Adoption IS an Option—a VERY good option


This blog article was written by Ellen Glazer in honor of November as National Adoption Awareness Month. She is a  LICSW, Family Building Counselor and Coach, Co-author of “Having Your Baby through Egg Donation” and author of “The Long Awaited Stork”. Find out more about Ellen at Many years ago, when I was trying to become […]

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Happier than you think: 5 Myths about couples choosing childfree living after infertility

This blog post was written by Merle Bombardieri, LICSW Private Practice, Lexington, former Clinical Director of National RESOLVE. Author of The Baby Decision. I have found that mistaken assumptions about childfree living after infertility add to the feeling that their future happiness is riding on this very cycle. So I am offering this article not only to […]

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Infertility and Intimacy

November is Adoption Awareness Month. This article was written by Deb Olshever, Sandy Orenstein and Toby Zaitchik of Adoption Associates. For more information look at their website, or call 617-965-9369. “OK, we know we will have to try harder to have a family.” “So what is so bad about that?” ask our friends. “Doesn’t that just mean […]

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Top 5 Things You Must Consider For Your Egg Donation Cycle


My name is Catherine Tucker and I’m a reproductive lawyer who helps with the legal side of forming families via fertility treatment. I’m very much looking forward to speaking at the upcoming RESOLVE New England Annual Fertility Treatment, Donor Choices and Adoption Conference on November 8, 2014. During one of the afternoon sessions, I will […]

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Preparing the Way for Egg Donation and/or Surrogacy


Hi all! My name is Rachel Ashby and I am the medical director of egg donation and surrogacy ART (assisted reproductive technology) at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. My friend and colleague Holly Hughes and I will be speaking about egg donation at the upcoming RESOLVE New England Annual Fertility Treatment, Donor Choices and Adoption Conference on November […]

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