RESOLVE and RESOLVE New England Partner for First-Ever New England Walk of Hope

  Walk of Hope raises awareness of the disease of infertility   McLean, VA, May 12, 2015 – RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and RESOLVE New England will partner to host the first-ever New England Walk of Hope in Massachusetts in the fall of 2015. RESOLVE and RESOLVE New England are excited to bring the […]

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Mother’s Day Looms


When you are struggling to build your family, you don’t know when the painful pierces are going to strike. I do not mean injections or any other physical piercings related to fertility treatment. I mean the sudden emotional pierces. Sometimes I feel them literally in the area of my heart, sometimes in my head or […]

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The Very Human You

Standing Peaceful

Someone recently asked me why I’m passionate about offering Reiki to women struggling with fertility. Here is my answer: at some point, you have been poked and prodded, had your blood drawn, absorbed statistics, and spoken clinically of your sex life enough to being feeling like a robotic avatar playing the game of your life. […]

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Accepting the Word Infertile: A Patient’s Perspective

pensive woman

April 19-25 is National Infertility Awareness Week #YouAreNotAlone Six months…six long months.  That’s how long it took us to accept the word “infertile.”  Accept the fact that we would never conceive with love alone. Our recipe for making a child was not going to be pure and simple, like everyone else.  Six months to accept our […]

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Painful awareness of otherness

man with stroller

April 19-25 is National Infertility Awareness Week #YouAreNotAlone I teach on two college campuses, so I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about microaggressions over the last year. Microaggressions are the tiny little pin-pricks, usually unintentional, thoughtless, or just causally mean, that over time, escalate into a painful awareness of otherness. The speaker rarely intends to […]

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A Marathon of a Journey: How Marathons and IVF are Similar


Why I Am Running The Boston Marathon to Shine Light on Fertility By: Katie O’Connor, Founder, Shine: A Light On Fertility April 19-25 is National Infertility Awareness Week #YouAreNotAlone I love to run, people who know me know I LOVE to run, especially marathons, it makes me ME! It gives me energy and strength and a sense […]

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Home Studies: Top 10 Considerations

children walking

Home Study is the process of evaluation and education that is required by each state in order for you to be approved to adopt a child.  A good home study will not only provide the professional/agency with the information they are required to obtain for the study, but it should also give you some tools […]

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Life with one fallopian tube

Couple - Reflective

Every morning as I get ready for work I am faced with past mistakes looking back at me through the bathroom mirror. The scars leftover on my body burn into my sides as I curl on my mascara. Never did I think I would be in the situation I am in now; in fact, I […]

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Complementary Treatment: Ancient Techniques for Fertility

Yoga for Fertility

From culture to culture for three thousand years shamans and midwives across the planet have initiated women in healing the most sacred parts of their bodies using yoni vaginal steam baths. The name for the female genitalia in Sanskrit is yoni … bajos in Spanish … chai-yok in Korean. Herbs and steam are combined in […]

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Considering adoption during IVF

woman crossroads

For many years, I have been working with people struggling with infertility. During this time, I have seen treatments advance, alternative paths to parenthood arrive and people building or expanding their families in a variety of ways. Adoption, once a natural “next step,” has become a more complicated choice. Some individuals and couples who might have adopted after a […]

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