Diminished Ovarian Reserve: What it Means & the Treatment Options 

Robin's Egg Nest

Vasiliki A. Moragianni, MD, MS, FACOG is an award-winning reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist at Fertility Solutions. Dr. Moragianni is passionate about providing individualized, state-of-the-art fertility care to individuals and couples who wish to build a family. Dr. Moragianni currently sees patients in Dedham, MA and Providence, RI. It is an honor to be invited again […]

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Infertility to Adoption – Honoring Endings and New Beginnings

A Beginner's Guide to Adoption

By Ellen Glazer EllenSGlazer.net Ellen Glazer, LICSW, Family Building Counselor and Coach, is Co-author of “Having Your Baby through Egg Donation” and author of “The Long Awaited Stork.” Her session at the 21st Annual Conference is Infertility to Adoption – Honoring Endings and New Beginnings. I am looking forward to being part of the Resolve […]

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So You Are Considering Surrogacy

pregnant belly

by Victoria T. Ferrara Worldwide Surrogacy Specialists LLC Victoria is co-leading the session Surrogacy: Practice and Legal Issues at the 21st Annual Fertility Treatment, Donor Choices and Adoption Conference on November 8, 2014. This workshop provides an overview on how to locate a suitable gestational carrier, the differences between traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy and […]

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Hope for the Journey

by Anna Koon from RESOLVE Spring 2009 Newsletter On the wall by my desk is a painting my husband and I purchased two years ago. It is of a man and woman standing and staring expectantly out of the canvas. They stretch towards each other, but instead of grasping hands, their fingers brush the back […]

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Checklist for preparing for your IVF Insurance Appeal


A denial letter from your insurance company can shatter your hopes of building your family through IVF. However, you can maximize the likelihood of overturning your insurance company’s refusal to pay with a well formulated appeal. Here is a checklist prepared by Catherine Tucker, Esq. on some things to think about when preparing for your IVF […]

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A Family of Two

Living Childfree and Choosing to Resolve Without Parenting

By Jennifer A. Richmond My husband and I struggled with infertility for several years. I going to say “on and off” for several years, but even when we weren’t “trying” there was always the hope that I might get pregnant. I have unexplained infertility – no reason was discovered for my inability to get pregnant. […]

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Accepting the Unacceptable and The Road Not Taken

woman crossroads

These articles are from the RESOLVE New England Archives  Accepting the Unacceptable: An Outcome of No Children Written by Linda Wolfson in our Spring 1993 Newsletter My husband and I tried for six years to have a child. They were hellish years filled with the moments of hope and despair familiar to anyone living with […]

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Adoption after infertility

interacial baby hand holding

Adoption is an amazing process. In the twelve years I have been working to bring families together through adoption, I have had the honor of witnessing the joyful anticipation, the hope and the love that adoptive families experience throughout their adoption process. For many, however, the beginning of their adoption journey is preceded by years […]

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Lesbian and Gay Family Building Using Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

LGBT family building

Samuel Pang, MD  Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist and Fertility Specialist Reproductive Science Center of New England Medical Director and Director, Donor Egg Program Historically, lesbians who have not had children through prior heterosexual relationships have utilized donor sperm insemination to have children. Similarly, gay men who have not had children through prior heterosexual relationships may […]

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Choosing an Egg Donation Agency: Questions to ask during your research

Hands Holding Eggs

If you are considering egg donation to help build your family, it is important to thoroughly research different agencies before signing on with one. Further, it is important to find one that you feel confident joining. There are many benefits to working with an agency, but each one is unique. You are about to begin […]

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