RESOLVE New England Announces Partnership with Nora Therapeutics to Raise Awareness of Pregnancy Loss

(Waltham, MA – July 22, 2015) RESOLVE New England (RNE), the region’s infertility support, education, and advocacy organization, is proud to announce a new partnership with Nora Therapeutics, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on developing therapeutics to address significant unmet needs in reproductive medicine. The RNE and Nora partnership focuses on the organizations’ shared goals […]

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The term “furbaby” doesn’t bother me at all


A woman recently called into one of Boston’s morning radio shows, hosted by Karson Tager and Kennedy Elsey, to express her opinion that “It’s an insult to moms to say dogs are the same as your kid” and her general outrage about the term “furbaby”. This discussion was in response to an article called “No, […]

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A Story of Hope


Walk around any city or town on a sunny day, and you’ll see numerous pregnant families. Some of those families may even have 1 or 2 children in tow. Go to a family gathering, and you’ll see your relative’s kids chasing after one another. Maybe they’re playing touch football on Thanksgiving Day. Have dinner with […]

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Crashing Waves


In the mid 1990s, when I burst from the closet at 16 years old, waving my rainbow flag, I began my long journey out as a LGBTQ person. I was, all at once, alive for the first time in my life. I recall the moment when I finally allowed myself this identity. A weight was […]

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New memoir sheds light on egg donor experiences


I recently had the opportunity to read an early copy of the memoir Two Eggs, Two Kids: An egg donor’s account of friendship, infertility & secrets (Parasol Press LLC, 2015) by Alicia Young. At two different times, Alicia donated eggs to friends that were struggling with infertility, and each experience unfolded in a very distinct way. Alicia’s […]

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RESOLVE and RESOLVE New England Partner for First-Ever New England Walk of Hope

  Walk of Hope raises awareness of the disease of infertility   McLean, VA, May 12, 2015 – RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association and RESOLVE New England will partner to host the first-ever New England Walk of Hope in Massachusetts in the fall of 2015. RESOLVE and RESOLVE New England are excited to bring the […]

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Mother’s Day Looms


When you are struggling to build your family, you don’t know when the painful pierces are going to strike. I do not mean injections or any other physical piercings related to fertility treatment. I mean the sudden emotional pierces. Sometimes I feel them literally in the area of my heart, sometimes in my head or […]

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The Very Human You

Standing Peaceful

Someone recently asked me why I’m passionate about offering Reiki to women struggling with fertility. Here is my answer: at some point, you have been poked and prodded, had your blood drawn, absorbed statistics, and spoken clinically of your sex life enough to being feeling like a robotic avatar playing the game of your life. […]

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Accepting the Word Infertile: A Patient’s Perspective

pensive woman

April 19-25 is National Infertility Awareness Week #YouAreNotAlone Six months…six long months.  That’s how long it took us to accept the word “infertile.”  Accept the fact that we would never conceive with love alone. Our recipe for making a child was not going to be pure and simple, like everyone else.  Six months to accept our […]

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Painful awareness of otherness

man with stroller

April 19-25 is National Infertility Awareness Week #YouAreNotAlone I teach on two college campuses, so I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about microaggressions over the last year. Microaggressions are the tiny little pin-pricks, usually unintentional, thoughtless, or just causally mean, that over time, escalate into a painful awareness of otherness. The speaker rarely intends to […]

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