Lessons to My Pre-IVF Self

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By Sue McCarron I’m a proud mother of an IVF-created 18-month old who’s considering jumping back into the fertility treatment game to go for number two. Over these past few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time mentally revisiting the land of needles and endless blood tests, hormonal swings and emotional ups and downs. Even […]

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LGBTQ Routes to Parenthood

LGBT family building

“So, which of you is the real Mom?” This is the kind of question, amongst many others, that LGBTQ families hear when they are out and about with their children, which thankfully is happening in growing numbers, even though the sensitivity of questions has yet to catch up. According to the 2010 census, 111,000 same […]

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Checklist for preparing for your IVF Insurance Appeal


A denial letter from your insurance company can shatter your hopes of building your family through IVF. However, you can maximize the likelihood of overturning your insurance company’s refusal to pay with a well formulated appeal. Here is a checklist prepared by Catherine Tucker, Esq. on some things to think about when preparing for your IVF […]

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Lesbian and Gay Family Building Using Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART)

LGBT family building

Samuel Pang, MD  Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist and Fertility Specialist Reproductive Science Center of New England Medical Director and Director, Donor Egg Program Historically, lesbians who have not had children through prior heterosexual relationships have utilized donor sperm insemination to have children. Similarly, gay men who have not had children through prior heterosexual relationships may […]

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Many Paths to Parenthood

children walking

By Mary Elizabeth Sabatini, MD, PhD Massachusetts General Fertility Center She walked into my office and met my greeting with a warm hand shake and a smile.  She was a sophisticated-looking woman in her early 30s. She struck me as a confident person who knew she was on a good trajectory in her life. She […]

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Faced with Infertility, This ‘Natural Optimist’ Had ‘Doubt’

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By Kelly J. Nedeau I lay uncomfortably on the table watching the monitor during my hysteropingogram; the dye about to be injected. Then … wait … What? Wasn’t the dye supposed to go through my fallopian tubes and come out the other end? Why was it stopping just <5% into the tubes …  BOTH tubes… […]

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Defining Success Against Infertility


This week, to bring awareness to National Infertility Awareness Week, RESOLVE New England will publish a blog a day. Stay tuned daily and read about infertility from every perspective: patient and professional. By Elizabeth Comeau, first IVF baby in the U.S. Either I am getting old, or IVF is suddenly, somehow back in the spotlight. Somebody must have […]

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Taxes and Infertility: A How-to Guide

The IVF Journal Front Cover.small for web

It’s that time of year again! Tax time. If you are wondering if you qualify for tax deductions based on your infertility treatment look no further—the following excerpt from the newly release book, The IVF Journal, has everything you need to figure out how to make deductions, if you qualify. We are thrilled to be sharing this exclusive excerpt, […]

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The Fertility Rollercoaster: Bringing Our Dreams to Fruition

The fertility rollercoaster

By anonymous My partner and I decided we wanted to have a family a long time ago. By the time we made the decision to get started, we had already been together for over ten years.  I think after you have been together with someone for at least ten years, some of the basic questions […]

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Do We Deserve Another IVF Attempt?

Susan Manning and her wife, Jen, with their son.

By Susan Manning Tink, tink, tink… My nail taps the vial of the trigger shot before I inject it into my wife’s abdomen. The bubbles of air atop the medicine seem to mock the bubbles of anxiety in my stomach. Or maybe they’re bubbles of guilt? Of wonder? Of selfishness? You see, this is the […]

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