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Your gift matters!

Your gift matters!

Dear members, friends and supporters,

Since 1974, RESOLVE New England has been the leading voice and progressive driving force connecting the New England community on the many paths to parenthood. Our mission is essential to serving you—the consumer and professional infertility community—of New England. It’s thanks to you that our mission is possible.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated, if limited number of professional staff and the support of volunteers and people like you who are passionate about the mission of RESOLVE New England. As part of our strategic plan, we have some ambitious ideas and projects for the future of our organization. To make our strategic plan a reality, we need your support.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we rely on philanthropy as a critical source of revenue to help us meet our budget each year. We only receive a small portion of our revenues from membership dues, leaving us to find the majority of our funding from other sources, including members, friends, and family fundraising. The dollars you pay for membership benefit you—providing you with free or reduced-cost access to all of our programs, services, and publications. It’s the dollars you give to our during our Annual Campaign and at any other time of the year that benefit the entire community of couples and individuals, women and men, who are struggling with infertility right now.

Your contribution helps us grow and succeed together, as a community. Your contribution allows us to continue providing our many programs and services—our Annual Conference, support groups, insurance advocate appointments, newsletters, directory, educational programs and advocacy efforts—at a time when people need us the most. We need your help today to continue providing such comprehensive support, education and advocacy! Help us share the message: You are not alone.

On behalf of all our staff, Board, and volunteers: we thank you for your kind consideration and generous support.

Warmest regards,

Kate Weldon Leblanc
Executive Director, RESOLVE New England