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RESOLVE New England Infertility Adoption Information Packets We offer a selection of informational packets for purchase on the following subjects as well as a hard-copy version of our most recently published Directory of Professional Services. These packets have been compiled from expert resources to help you in your decision-making process on your family-building journey. Read more below about the educational informational packets we have to offer and order your copies today.

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2014 Directory of Professional Services (Printed Hard-Copy)

This printed hard-copy version of our Directory of Professional Services is our most recently published version. With over 125 professional service listings from infertility and A.R.T. programs to adoption agencies and mental health practitioners, as well as over a dozen informational articles, discover the resources available to you for your family building journey. Receiving a printed hard-copy of our most recent Directory is a benefit of RESOLVE New England membership. To become a member of RNE, click here.

Cost: $5.00 | Order Now
Directory Contents
  • Over 30 pages of Professional Service Listings
  • Questions to Ask: Choosing an Adoption Resource
  • Questions to Ask: Choosing an Attorney
  • Questions to Ask: Complementary Therapy Practitioners
  • Questions to Ask: Donor Egg Programs
  • Questions to Ask: Sperm Banks
  • Questions to Ask: Infertility Specialists
  • Questions to Ask: Surrogacy Programs
  • Questions to Ask: Sperm Analysis
  • Why Choose a Speciality Pharmacy?
  • General Information about Infertility and Mental Health
  • Top 10 Infertility Insurance Coverage FAQs


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A Beginner's Guide to Adoption

A Beginner’s Guide to Adoption Packet

This Beginner’s Guide to Adoption Packet is for anyone who is considering adoption as a family-building option, providing an overview of all aspects pertaining to adoption.

Cost: $10.00 | Order Now
Packet Contents
  • Article: Adoption Options
  • Article: Adoption Options: Making Our Way Through Adoption Decision-Making
  • Article: On The Road To Adoption
  • Article: Choosing between Domestic & International Adoption by Nicole Witt, MBA
  • Article: The Federal Adoption Tax Credit Assists Families with the Cost of Adoption by Mark E. Goldman, Esq.
  • Article: Current Trends in Adoption by Betsy Hochberg, LICSW
  • Article: Questions to Consider When Choosing an Adoption Resource
  • Article: Positive Adoption Language by Adoptive Families Magazine
  • Article: The Adoption Home Study: A Step on the Road to Adoption by Susan Greenwood
  • Article: Developing a Strong Family Profile by Hal Kaufman
  • Article: Adoption is not the same as having a child of your own: Myths and Realities by Dawn Davenport
  • Article: Just Say NO: Walking Away from Treatment by Peg Beck, LICSW
  • Article: The Adoption Decision: Could the word resolve ever have meaning for me? by Michele Blake
  • Article: The Hardest Letter to Write by Anonymous
  • Article: Debunking the Myths: The Facts about Foster Care Adoption from National Adoption Today
  • Article: Advantages of Older Child Adoption excerpted by Susan Ward
  • Booklet: Adoption Makes All the Difference in the World!
  • Resource: Hague Convention Adoption Process vs. Non-Convention Countries
  • Resource: List of Hague Adoption Convention Countries
  • Resource: Licensed Adoption Agencies in Massachusetts (For other adoption agencies in New England, please see this page at ACONE.)
  • Pamphlet: The Adoption Consultancy
  • Pamphlet: Adoptive Families (free sample issue voucher)


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Considering the Donor Egg Option

Considering the Donor Egg Option Packet

This packet is for anyone who is considering donor egg as a family-building option.

Cost: $20.00 | Order Now
Packet Contents
  • Article: Donor Selection Process Questionnaire/Considerations
  • Article: The Medical Aspects of Egg Donation by Owen K. Davis, MD (from RESOLVE National)
  • Article: Deciding Between Adoption and Egg Donation by Ellen S. Glazer, LICSW
  • Article: Donor Egg Decision Making: The Psychological Aspects by Robin Roberts, LCSW, PhD
  • Article: Egg Donation Under Massachusetts Law by Bob Nichols, Esq.
  • Article: General Issues for Couples to Consider
  • Article: Informing Offspring of Their Conception by Gamete Donation Ethics Committee Report, Fertility and Sterility Vol. 81, NO.3, March 2004
  • Article: Questions to Ask Ovum Donors RESOLVE National
  • Resource: Current Donor Egg Decision-Making Connect & Learn Seminar Information
  • Resource: Books and Resources for Donor Conception
  • Book Flier: Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation by Ellen Sarasohn Glazer and Evelina Weidman Sterling
  • Booklet: Building Your Family Through Egg Donation: What You Will Want to Know About the Emotional Aspects, Bonding and Disclosure Issues by Joyce Sutkakmp Friedman, PhD
  • Booklet: Oocyte Donation by Cara Birrittieri, Mary M. Fusillo, RN, BSN, MS, and Georgia Witkin, PhD
  • Pamphlets: A selection from various donor egg agencies and organizations


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Navigating Insurance Coverage

Navigating Insurance Coverage Packet

Along with the information about the Massachusetts insurance mandate and health plan-related information, this packet includes several pages of suggestions for self-advocacy when talking to insurance providers.

Cost: $5.00 | Order Now
Packet Contents
  • Article: Choosing a Health Plan
  • Article: Accessing Your Benefits
  • Article: Massachusetts Infertility Insurance Mandate
  • Article: State Laws Related to Insurance Coverage for Infertility Treatment
  • Article: Appeals and Grievances


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