Peer Support Groups


Support from RESOLVE New England No matter where you are in your journey toward parenthood, RESOLVE New England can help. Since 1974, we have prided ourselves on our face-to-face support outlets for every stage on the journey to parenthood. We offer Peer Support Groups across the New England region, as well as several focused Topic Discussion Support Groups.Click the links below to find out how you can find support through RESOLVE New England.

What is a Peer Support Group?

Our Peer Support Groups meet monthly at various locations throughout New England on an ongoing basis and are led by a volunteer peer leader who is currently experiencing or has experienced infertility. These discussion groups are a great way to share feelings, stories, and strategies in a safe place, with others who are facing similar challenges. The groups offer the emotional support of others; provide strategies for coping, and information about RESOLVE New England resources.

  • Peer Support Groups provide people with opportunities to meet others who are experiencing infertility, form friendships, build a support system and gather information and knowledge. These groups provide powerful physical and mental health benefits. In policy and practice, there are no barriers to participation in RNE support groups or activities based on race, religion, sex or age. They are an excellent alternative for those who do not feel comfortable seeking professional support for the challenges of family building. These individuals benefit by seeking interaction and support from their peers.
  • Our Peer Support Groups are for you to use in whatever way you find helpful. No long-term commitment is required. The only requirement we have is that we ask all present at this meeting to maintain confidentiality to ensure a safe environment for people to share. Please keep in mind that any opinions expressed in this group are personal opinions and not necessarily the opinions or policies of RESOLVE New England. All discussions are personal and of a confidential nature and should not be shared outside the group.
  • The power of sharing feelings, experiences and strategies is the backbone of this organization. Personal sharing via self-disclosure lets people know that not only are these intense feelings well within normal limits, but that people can survive and even grow through this experience.

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Why Attend a Peer Support Group?

  1. A support group can provide you with help and encouragement at a time when you may need it most. Participating in a group will lessen your sense of isolation, as you meet others who are experiencing similar struggles. Group participation will also help normalize the tremendous range of responses you may be having to your infertility, confirming that others respond similarly to these challenges.
  2. The beauty of the group experience is that if you think you are alone in experiencing something, you probably are not. Groups reduce the tendency to feel shame, which is very common during infertility. It is therapeutic to talk with others about an intense experience like infertility. You will receive support for your pain and disappointment. It is up to you to decide how much information and emotion to share with the group. You remain in control.
  3. Our Peer Support Groups are designed to help individuals and couples express feelings and concerns in a safe place. At our groups, you can develop a support network and face difficult decisions with renewed resolve and increased awareness of resources available for help. For many, our groups provide a way to deal with their pain and explore new options.
  4. The hardest part of coming to a peer support group is walking through the door. You can always find something else to do. But if you’d like to spend some time with people who really know what you’re going through in your experiences with infertility, then a RESOLVE New England peer support group is for you. Why go through infertility alone when there’s a whole community of people who speak your language? Understand your yearning. Share your struggles. It’s come as you are. Both men and women are welcome, so bring your partner or come yourself. You can pour your heart out, or be there and just listen.

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Find a Peer Support Group Near You!

Use our Peer Group Locator Tool below to find a General Infertility Peer Support Group near you! Please note: all of our Topic Discussion Peer Support Groups are held at our offices in Waltham, MA.

Enter an address or zip code and click the Find Locations button.

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Peer Group Attendees & Leaders Share Their Stories

"When my wife first suggested that we attend a support group, I was not overly enthusiastic. What would these other people tell me that I didn’t already know? You have a problem, you get medical treatment and then things work out. Infertility was not a club that I had any interest in belonging to and I had no interest in hanging out with other club members. Given my upbringing as a sensitive male, I told my wife that I could understand the need for support and would be willing, if not anxious, to go with her to a support group.

We went and it was a revelation. Infertility could be funny, heartbreaking, thought-provoking, and a growth experience. Our support group helped me learn things about myself; my wife and life that made infertility have a positive side to it. My experience with the RESOLVE New England support group touched me as very few things have done in my life. Thanks to RNE, my life has been enriched by the words and deeds of some wonderful people whom I would never had met otherwise."

-Peer Group Attendee

"Six years ago, I went to a support group to help me through infertility. Angry, crushed, but ‘fully in control’ (or so I thought), that’s when I met my friends. We would talk daily and be supportive of all the failures; there were no successes for us. Our small group ended up staying in touch. We’d find out what each one was doing, how the treatments were going, be supportive, and provide encouragement.

Four of us from this support group are still friends. We get together as adults and as mothers with our kids. All of the kids get along together and us four moms have a connection that will always be there. We have a relationship that is unconditional – we went through too much with each other for it to be anything else."

- Peer Group Attendee

"I am deeply moved when one person reaches across the room to another, whom they have just met, giving a gentle touch of knowing compassion. I love when someone finds courage through another’s story to tell a family member they cannot go to that baby shower. I smile to myself seeing some members linger in the parking lot afterwards, talking to one another, not wanting their new found connection to end.

RESOLVE New England peer support groups can help heal our own sense of being broken, help cultivate our sense of control and encourage us to discover new moons of our own. Great power and healing comes through compassionate human connection and collective energy. I am honored to bear witness to it each month."

- Anne Brennan Belden, Portland, Maine Peer Group Leader

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