18 Tips for Coping with Infertility During the Holidays

christmas decoration

By Carol Frost Vercollone, LICSW  (Orginally posted 12/19/12) Anticipating Your Issues If fertility treatment is getting to you and you’re feeling frustrated with its uncomfortably large effect on your daily life, you may hate to see an article on coping with the holidays. Why should you be reduced to “coping” when everybody else seems to be […]

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Living Well While Living With Infertility

National Infertility Awareness Week Blog Living Well While Living With Infertility

Today’s the last day of our National Infertility Awareness Week blog series! Every day this week, we’ve featured one of our Circle of Support Sponsors as they share helpful information and advice about infertility, your options and coping. Today’s post to round out the week is brought to us by Bronze Sponsor Women & Infants […]

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From the First IVF Baby to Modern A.R.T. – 35 Years of Innovation

National Infertility Awareness Week From the First IVF Baby to Modern ART

Our National Infertility Awareness Week blog continues! Every day this week, we’ll feature one of our Circle of Support Sponsors as they share helpful information and advice about infertility, your options and coping. Today’s post is brought to us by Bronze Sponsor OvaScience. Thirty-five years ago, there were few options for couples wishing to have […]

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Is a Peer Support Group Right For Me?


At RESOLVE New England, we offer a variety of Peer Support Groups, led by people who understand the unique challenges and stresses of dealing with infertility and the many varied paths to family building. All of our Peer Group leaders are volunteers who have experience with infertility. While they are not mental health professionals, they […]

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Which Path to Choose? One Woman’s Story

woman crossroads

Are you facing a crossroads about what family building path to take? One woman shares her story of decision-making. “You are not a candidate for IVF…” I had not prepared myself to hear those words or be faced with the decision: egg donation, adoption, or life without a child. I had suspected technical intervention based […]

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The Road Less Traveled: A Conversation on Life Beyond Children

forest path

With Keiko Zoll and Pamela Mahoney Tsigdinos As an infertility blogger, I have come across hundreds of perspectives and voices throughout the infertility experience. As anyone with infertility can tell you, everyone’s journey may share the same common themes but the paths we take can be vastly different. In 2010, I had the unique privilege […]

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Hope for the Journey and for Achieving Your Dream

Hope for the Journey

By A.J. Moncrieff I’m writing this article with the hope of helping even just one other person. Maybe it’s the words that will put things in perspective for you, or the much-needed hope you were looking for to begin again. Every one of us has the ability to move forward; you need to put one […]

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Spring 2013 Peer Group Dates Announced!

RESOLVE New England Spring 2013 Infertility and Adoption Peer Group Calendar

Looking for Peer Support in your area? We’ve released our Spring 2013 calendar of Peer Support Group meeting dates through June of this year. Download and print our flyer for handy reference or feel free to share with your friends and colleagues to help us spread the word! Click the image below to view the […]

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Are We Finally Bucking the Trend About Bad Infertility News?

Image by Keiko Zoll.

By Terri Davidson Having worked in the infertility field in marketing and public relations for nearly two decades, I sometimes feel like I have seen it all, including the “good, bad and the ugly” of how the media portrays infertility. When I was a newbie marketing director in the Boston area in the early 1990’s, […]

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Creating Positive Intentions for the New Year


By Elena Clamen, LMHC The New Year is the time for resolutions. Every year we pledge to do a few things that we hope will help enrich our lives, whether it be: going to the gym, volunteering, or simply spending more time with family and friends. While we know these things are beneficial, realistically we […]

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