What Conference Attendees Say


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I have attended this conference for several years and am always amazed at what new information I come home with. The doctors, mental health professionals and attorneys that present at and attend the RNE Annual Conference are all top in their fields. [It]… is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and gather much needed info from the professionals… No one is going rush you, so take your time and ask away. Interaction is a wonderful thing at a conference like this. You listen and learn: you ask questions, feel hope and find support. Sit at breakfast and lunch with couples or individuals and see what they have to say; consider opening up and sharing with other attendees where you are in your path to parenthood process.” from Educating Yourself on Your Path to Parenthood by Donna Daley

“After attending the conference, I felt renewed hope and optimism that we will one day become parents.”

“Thank you so much for hosting this conference!”

“Web searches regarding adoption were ridiculously overwhelming and because we have no friends or family who have walked this path, your services have been invaluable.”

“Thank you for all you do for those of us experiencing infertility!”

“The sessions we attended regarding adoption answered so many questions and gave us the knowledge and confidence to pursue adoption.”

“I enjoyed being able to chat with like-minded folks, since I don’t know anyone who has dealt with infertility in my social circle.”

“All of the presenters were so genuine and obviously committed to their jobs! Their reassurance that ‘you will become parents’ meant a lot coming from the professionals in the field.”

“My wife and I have been dealing with infertility for a couple of years now and as we have moved to consider adoption, this conference gave us a lot of hope and excitement about the adoption process and we can now begin knowing our goal of becoming parents is attainable.”