Lisa Fenn Gordenstein Access Scholarships

RESOLVE New England is proud to offer our Lisa Fenn Gordenstein Access Scholarships, which allow us to assist anyone in financial need who wishes to attend our full or half-day educational programs and/or to become a member of RESOLVE New England. We are very committed to making our programs and services accessible to everyone, regardless of your financial circumstances.

Remembering Lisa

Lisa Fenn Gordenstein

Lisa Fenn Gordenstein, 1959-2001.

These scholarships are offered in caring memory of Lisa Fenn Gordenstein, assistant Vice-President of TJX Companies, who was a victim of the September 11th, 2001 attacks. Prior to 2001, Lisa’s sister was involved with RESOLVE New England trying to learn how to create her family after she was diagnosed with infertility. Lisa’s sister was able to have a family by learning about adoption and egg donation through the programs offered by RESOLVE New England. Lisa knew how important trying to have a family was to her sister and was aware of how much RESOLVE New England had helped her sister in her journey. Lisa’s family helped to get this scholarship as a way to honor Lisa’s life by helping others build families of their own.

Scholarship Details

Applying for a Scholarship

Financial assistance from our Lisa Fenn Gordenstein scholarship program is available to RESOLVE New England members only and can cover the cost of household membership AND/OR the cost to attend our full-day programs (Adoption or Donor Egg/Surrogacy Seminars, Annual Conference, etc.).

Scholarships to attend our educational programs are available in two amounts: a full scholarship covering the entire registration cost of the program or a half-scholarship covering half the registration cost. Half-scholarships require a 50% payment of registration costs at the time of registration.

To apply for a scholarship, please follow these instructions carefully:
  • To apply for scholarship for RNE Membership only: Please complete the application below.
  • To apply for a scholarship to attend an educational program: Please complete the appropriate online program registration form for the individual program linked below.

Scholarship Application for RESOLVE New England Membership Only

To apply for a scholarship for an individual educational program, please refer to that individual program’s online registration form. All fields are required on this form.

Section 1: Scholarship for Membership

Scholarships are available to RESOLVE New England Members only and can cover the cost of membership. RNE Members enjoy a variety of benefits, including discounts on program fees, quarterly newsletters, insurance hotline call-in hours and more. Discover what RNE memberships have to offer our Household members. If you are not already a RESOLVE New England member or need to renew your membership, you may apply for scholarship funds to cover the cost of your membership below.

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Section 3: Acceptance of Terms & Submission

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