Coping with Pregnancy After Infertility

Pregnancy After Infertility Peer Support Group Now that you are pregnant, you may be experiencing a range of emotions that you didn’t expect. It can be difficult to relax and enjoy a pregnancy after dealing with infertility for so long. You may find it difficult to transition your energy and emotions from that of struggle and coping, to one of joy and celebration. Many women have trouble accepting the good news after previous disappointments, whether it was previous failed treatment or pregnancy loss. You don’t want to get your hopes up, or let your emotional guard down.

Common Concerns with Pregnancy After Infertility

It can be alarming to become ‘just another’ pregnant woman, lumped in with everyone else. The well-intended pregnancy chat boards can sometimes make you feel even more alone in your experience. On the other hand, you may feel ‘survivor’s guilt’ announcing your news to fellow infertility sufferers who travelled with you on this journey. Finding your new place as a pregnant woman takes both time and a supportive environment.

If you expected to feel relieved in pregnancy but instead are more anxious… you are not alone. If you experience any of the following, consider attending our Pregnancy After Infertility Support Group:

  • Feeling a sense of isolation or feeling different from other pregnant women
  • Worrying about each new stage of pregnancy and fear of miscarriage, genetic evaluation, or early labor
  • Concerns you’ll do something wrong to cause a miscarriage
  • Concerns you won’t do enough to promote a healthy pregnancy
  • Frustration living with challenging pregnancy symptoms after enduring lengthy infertility treatment; guilt in complaining
  • Nervousness leaving your Reproductive Endocrinologist and embracing an Obstetrician or Midwife
  • Fear of ‘jinxing’ your pregnancy by buying baby items, or having a baby shower
  • Uncertainty in rekindling lost friendships with those who already have babies
  • Uncertainty dealing with friends who have not yet resolved their infertility

RESOLVE New England’s Pregnancy After Infertility Support Group is for women and men who are experiencing both apprehension as well as joy about being pregnant after treatment. Join our leader, a very experienced nurse, for conversation and support around making a successful transition into the reality of pregnancy.

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Starting a Pregnancy After Infertility Peer Group in Your Area

If there is currently not a pregnancy after infertility support group in your area, consider starting one. Contact us at for more details.

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